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Secure your future with a security platform that harnesses the power of the cloud and advanced AI to defeat cyber threats through our collective strength.

  • Business Remediation & I.T. Restoration with Nation Wide Technicians

  • Ransomware Support

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Malware Containment and Protection

  • Endpoint Security

  • Security & IT Operations

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Cloud Security



Gain knowledge about various vulnerabilities to proactively prevent IT security threats.

  • Gain detailed visibility into an IT network to analyze all security threats and undetected issues

  • Develop solutions based on the issues detected by the assessment and protect your IT infrastructure from various external and internal threats

  • Detect anomalous activities by methodically analyzing your login history

A Reputation Built On Execution

At Cyology Labs, we are relentlessly focused on improving our client's cyber security posture to help prevent a cyber attack. Every day we ideate, build and implement custom solutions with the help of our specialized partners to built a safer cyber world for them.

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    246 Days was the average time to identify a breach in 2021

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    I received an email from someone claiming to have planted malware on my computer and threatening to publish damaging material to all of my contacts. I found Terry in a Google search and called him. Not only did he answer his own phone, but he also spent HOURS that day helping me check out whether my computer was infected (it wasn't) and installing software and other system modifications to protect it from getting infected. Terry is both absolutely EXCELLENT at what he does and one of the nicest guys you'll ever talk to. I cannot recommend his services more emphatically!

    Arnie Wuhrman

    Attorney At Law at The Wuhrman Law Firm

    When it comes to digital security, Terry Cutler is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. Always helpful and insightful, Terry saved us a tremendous amount of time and money with our server security issues. If you suspect that you have been hacked, or better still, if you want to prevent being hacked, I highly recommend that you contact Terry.

    Hagai Maidenberg

    Business Vision and IT Expert

    Had been having repeated problems with our web servers getting hacked. Terry gave us a hand and pointed us in the right direction,giving us invaluable help in getting this issue resolved. Been going great ever since. Many thanks to Terry and his team ! Cheers!

    Philippe Sauve

    President at 3i-Technologies

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