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Do You Know What is Happening Inside Your Network?

Cybercrime is predicted to cost companies $6 trillion worldwide by 2021

What’s more alarming is that more than 40% of those victims are small to medium businesses (SMBs). Several technology pundits think small businesses are being targeted because they often have more lax security standards than their enterprise counterparts.

Hackers believe SMBs are vulnerable because they don’t have the knowledge or the expertise to know what is happening inside their own network. This perceived vulnerability of SMBs puts your business at greater risk of becoming the victim of malicious cyberattacks and breaches. What’s more, most security breaches for SMBs actually occur from the inside, behind the firewall, from accidental misconfigurations and unintentional employee misuse of the computer network.

That is where we come in. Cyology Labs can help you to:

  • Evaluate inbound firewall configuration and search for known external vulnerabilities

    This helps ensure that the impact of changes made to the external firewall—or exposure of outward-facing applications—is minimized.

  • Examination of your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware deployment

    This activity determines where anti-virus and anti-spyware is not deployed or is out of date.

  • Detection of anomalous logins

    This task is intended to review security audit logs for suspicious logins or log-in attempts.

  • Perform physical security walk-through

    This in-person walk-through of the office helps identify issues a network assessment tool can’t—like employees leaving their passwords in plain sight.

  • Review your out-bound firewall configuration

    Blocking unnecessary traffic plays a vital role in eliminating the spread of viruses, worms, and Trojans.

  • Conduct administrator reviews

    This review validates the list of users with administrative privileges.

  • Assess your security policies

    Review default Group Policy and applicable Local Security Policies for consistency and alignment with best practices.

  • Perform compliance-level auditing

    A compliance-level audit can be beneficial in finding security-related, best-practice violations for all companies, even if they are not required to comply with a compliance standard such as HIPAA or PCI.

  • Inspect the effectiveness of your current patch management tool

    The purpose of this task is to identify systems in which security patches have not been applied in a timely manner.

  • Weekly Internal vulnerability scanning

    This uncovers security flaws that could be exploited once an attacker makes it inside your network.

  • Review with your IT administrators

    This step reviews user, computers, and Layer 2/3 detail with your in-house administrator to identify possible defunct or rogue users and systems.

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