How ethical hacking can save your business?

You can call us hackers…we don’t mind. It’s right there on our business cards: Certified Ethical Hacker. Because that’s what we do. If you ask us to, We’ll break into your home desktop or your company’s computer system or a large corporation’s IT system.


Why would you want us to do that?


You’d rather that we did it before the unethical, evil hacker does it first and turns your life upside down in costly and cruel ways that you can’t even imagine. It happens every minute of every day in today’s digital world, a world of which you are a citizen.


Cybersecurity Experts is a more official title for our work. Lead by our Founder Terry Cutler and lead Ethical Hacker, We protect small businesses, large agencies, families, and individuals from cyber-criminals who victimize an estimated 1.5 million people a day.


Penetration Testing or “Ethical Hacking” services will aid your organization to better understand its current security posture by identifying gaps in security. This enables your organization to develop an actionable plan to minimize the threat of attack or misuse. A well-documented penetration test helps you in creating a strong business case to justify a needed increase in the security budget or make the security message heard at the executive level.


Security is not a single point solution, but a process that requires due diligence.


Security measures need to be examined on a regular basis to discover new threats. A penetration test with an unbiased security analysis will undoubtedly enable your organization to focus on internal security resources where they are needed most. In addition, the independent security audits are rapidly becoming a requirement for obtaining cyber-security insurance such as PCI-DSS.


Meeting regulatory and legislative requirements are a must for conducting businesses today. Penetration tests help organizations meet these regulatory compliances. One of the core objectives of an eBusiness initiative is to enable close workings with strategic partners, suppliers, customers and others upon whom the eBusiness depends. To accomplish this goal, organizations sometimes allow partners, suppliers, B2B exchanges, customers and other trusted connections into their networks. A well-executed penetration test accompanied by security audits help organizations such as yours find the weakest links in this complex structure and ensure that all connected entities have a standard baseline for security.


Once security practices and infrastructure are in place, a penetration test provides critical validation feedback between business initiatives and a security framework that allows for successful implementation at minimal risk.

Today ethical hacking is an established practice that is used worldwide to evaluate the security controls of all types.


Penetration Testing services include:

  • External Infrastructure Testing

      The external infrastructure is the Web servers, Domain Name Servers, email servers, VPN access points, perimeter firewalls, routers, etc. that are publicly accessible from the Internet. Commonly the external infrastructure is considered to be the main target of attacks. Possible attackers are both human hackers as well as automated worms. It is vital for any business to guard itself against unwanted intruders and attackers while at the same time continue serving customers as well as other modern business needs.

    • Internal Infrastructure Testing

        It is vital for any organization to be equally aware of the threats internally as well as externally. It is unfortunate, but even inside the safe work environment threats do exist for the IT infrastructure of most organizations and have surpassed external threats. Viruses, Worms, Trojans and disgruntled employees are a danger to the inner workings of a corporation. As modern networks get more diverse and multi-layered, it’s common for a number of issues to exist internally that could prove disastrous, varying from accidental incidents to corporate espionage.

      • (WEB) Application Testing

          For the past few years and even more so now with the introduction of what is known as “Web 2.0″, more and more applications are moving online, and are increasingly becoming the targets of malicious attackers. All of our testers are experts in various programming languages and web technologies that can investigate and detect issues with both online and off-line applications before an attacker does. This vulnerability assessment includes the connection requests to the databases, dynamic forms, users sessions, authentication and authorizations management, etc.

        • Automated Vulnerability Assessments

            A Vulnerability Assessment is an automated scheduled task that provides a basic to an advanced overview of the client’s external or internal infrastructure. Cyology Labs makes sure all reports have been double-checked by one of our skilled professionals, therefore providing accurate Vulnerability Assessment reports.

          • Other Types of Testing

              Application developers work under intense pressure, meeting customer demands for featureful, fast, highly-functional products on relentlessly tight schedules. But complexity is the enemy of security. Complex products need extra assurance that they can survive the hostile environments they’ll be deployed in.


              Cyology Labs  will assess the products that you build. Unlike other firms, members of our team can efficiently inspect shrink-wrap applications and appliances, and find vulnerabilities in products before they ship or hit Bugtraq. We provide security acceptance testing prior to releases and can help you build security into your development lifecycle during design, development, and testing.


              Cyology Labs Assessments help vendors take control of software security by:

              • Eliminating expense and schedule slip from security “dot releases”
              • Set the terms on which vulnerabilities are found and resolved
              • Transform software security from a liability to a competitive advantage


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