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Critical data loss can stop a business cold.

9 out of 10 computer networks have potentially serious IT problems sitting undetected.

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Identify Your Organization’s Security Deficiencies and Areas of Strengths and Weaknesses

Review The Security Posture of Your Organization’s Network, Devices, and Applications

Cyology Labs’ report card audit is uniquely designed to improve understanding of the level of your organization’s security and also identify security deficiencies as well as areas of strengths and weaknesses. These will go a long way in helping you to:

  • Correct security issues before leading to downtime.
  • Identify problems that are causing slow performance, frequent virus attacks or communication problems.
  • Develop an action-plan to correct dangers and reduce the associated risks.

Are You Planning To Expand Your IT Capabilities?

If you’re planning to expand your IT networks, you shouldn’t overlook proper management, performance optimization and security.


The network and security assessment report provided by Cyology Labs' report card audit will help you to pinpoint and correct any existing issues before you add new IT solutions. This will help to protect your business from increasingly sophisticated and widely available attacks while expanding your IT networks.

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  • Assess individual computers at a high level based on various security criteria

  • Assess Anti-virus / Anti-spyware

  • Assess Missing Critical Patches

  • Assess Insecure Listening Ports

  • Assess Failed Logins

  • Assess Network Vulnerabilities

  • Assess computers to ensure Screen Lock with Timeout policy

  • Report on Aging Systems

  • Detect and Report on Supported / Non-Supported Operating systems

  • Detect outbound protocols that should not be allowed.

  • Detect system controls for protocols that should be allowed but restricted.

  • Determine if controls are in place for user web browsing

  • Detect and determines if wireless networks are available and secured

  • Password complexity check

  • Automatic screen lock check

  • Scan for Compromised Passwords found on the Dark Web

  • Account lockout policy check

  • Content Filtering Check

  • Local Security Policy Check

  • FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operation) Role Analysis

  • Assess the users in AD, status, and last login/use, which helps identify potential security risks

  • Assess all major apps / versions and counts the number of installations

  • List the non-Active Directory devices responding to network requests

  • Listing of event log entries from the past 24 hours for the directory service, DNS
    server and file replication service event logs

  • A Full Network Assessment Report to help you locate the specific findings of
    interest, and problem areas are conveniently highlighted in red, making it easy to
    spot individual problems to be rectified.

  • BONUS: Report providing guidance on which issues to address by priority


Here are a list of questions we often get asked about before performing an audit.

I've purchased and scheduled my audit, what happens next?

How long does the audit take to run?

The audit can run between 30 minutes and 5 hours depending on how many devices are in your network. The average is about 30-45 minutes. The best part about this audit is that there’s No software to install, and No endpoint agents to deploy. It’s painless. It just talks to your network devices via WMI to pull critical information from them so that we can run the report.

Will this report ensure I'll never be hacked ?

I have a new Firewall installed, why do I need an audit?

I trust my employees wholeheartedly, what would this audit do more for me ?

I already have an IT department and they tell me everything is fine, tell me why I need an audit from Cyology Labs ?